Melanie Hoff is an artist and educator examining the role technology plays in social organization and reinforcing hegemonic structures. Their work uncovers coded conventions of norms, interfaces, and sex, through software, installation, and new choreographies of exchange. They are a founding member of the Cybernetics Library, an art and research collective offering resources for study and critique of technosocial systems and Soft Surplus, a collective art studio warehouse for learning together by making things near each other. They teach at the Rhode Island School of Design, the School for Poetic Computation, and have presented their work at the Tate Exchange London, the New Museum, the Queens Museum, The Internet Archive, Pioneer Works, and elsewhere.

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In Winter 2020, I am organizing Code Societies; a 3 week intensive educational program at the School for Poetic Computation in it's 3rd iteration. The Student Showcase is on 1/25 at 55 Bethune st.

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